What Can You Get Compensated for After a Dog Attack?

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If a dog has bitten or attacked you, one of the first things you should do after treating your injuries is call a personal injury lawyer barrie has numerous firms especially for animal attacks, and some like ours that handle all kinds of personal injury cases. Sometimes people who suffer from dog attacks don’t realize the real cost of attacks and are willing to settle for far less money than they deserve. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of dog attacks.

Dog Bites Can Cost More than Just the Medical Bills

Not all dog bites are over with after a quick trip to the hospital for stitches. The major bites and attacks can result in broken bones and severed tendons, surgery expenses, physical therapy, and lost time at work. To get fair compensation, you’ll have to pay to hire an injury lawyer barrie offers firms like ours that allow you to wait to pay legal fees until after we win your case, but that’s still a chunk of money you deserve to have covered for you.

Keep Your Receipts

Any personal injury law firm, barrie or otherwise, will strongly advise you document everything you can. Keep all of the receipts and bills related to your injury, just in case. Travel expenses, legal fees, medical costs, therapy costs, and a record of the days you may have missed at work. Getting attacked by a dog can result in serious damage and lasting injuries if you hurt your back or joints while trying to fend them off. It’s worth it to go through the trouble of keeping receipts in order to prove how much compensation you need down the road. Be sure to document all you can to give the court the best idea of how much your injury has truly cost you.