What to Do With Your Dog When Children Are Visiting Your House

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If you have a dog, that shouldn’t stop you from inviting guests over for cook-outs, parties, and small get-togethers. What do you do with a rambunctious pup when your guests have kids, though? Is it safe to let a dog that isn’t normally around children loose when your friends bring their little ones over? Unfortunately for dog owners, the answer is no. If your dog isn’t used to being around children and you leave them unattended with a kid, their parents could be getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer. Ajax may have a pit bull ban, but they aren’t the only dogs you need to keep an eye on around kids.

Keep Dogs Outside or in a Different Room

Even a small bite can lead upset parents to contact an injury lawyer. Barrie has plenty of lawyers who can expertly make you and your dog look like the villains in a courtroom, so it’s in your best interest to be as safe as possible when it comes to having kids around your dog. When your guests bring children over, keep your dog in a separate room where they can’t bite anyone, or (if the weather permits) lock them outside in the backyard and keep guests indoors.

Watch Small Dogs Closely

Even when a child is the one who aggressively approaches your dog, you are liable if the dog gets scared and bites them. If you want to avoid having any angry parents calling up an Ajax injury lawyer, keep a close eye on even small dogs and be ready to swoop in and remove them from stressful situations. Small kids can play rough with animals, and frightened or threatened dogs WILL bite even if they’re usually good-natured. Prepare a bedroom or bathroom for your dog before guests arrive in case you need to put them up later on.