How To Handle Child Victims in Animal Attack Cases

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When animals attack, kids make for unfortunately easy targets. Some don’t have the size, speed, or aggression to get away. Because of this, many parents have had to make some tough decisions. What’s the best way to handle a child victim, in court or out? If your child is the victim of an animal attack, there are some important aspects you should consider.

Their Recovery Comes First

Above all, their recovery is most important. They’re stressed out both physically and mentally, so make sure you’re there for them. Sometimes, pursuing in court is a necessity. For example, if insurance doesn’t pay for their care like agreed, or if animal owners continue risky behavior. Make sure your kid knows what’s going on and gets the treatment they need ASAP.

Talk to Them About The Animal

An animal attack can be particularly stressful to a softhearted child. After all, they don’t always come from vicious, untamed beasts. Some come from animals they know personally or see as possible pets. They might worry that someone will kill the animal as punishment. As the case begins, talk to your child about how they feel. It’s not up to them to decide what happens to the animal. That’s what the court system is for. Still, listening to them and representing what they want can help put their mind at ease. This will, in turn, make their recovery easier.

Watch For Lingering Fears

Of course, most children aren’t worried for the other party. It is common for victims of animal attacks to develop fears surrounding the animal. It might surround the species, size, or aggression surrounding the attack. If the animal is one that you encounter often, keep an eye on your child’s responses. If they’re now afraid, take steps to make sure they have a safe space away from it. Sometimes these fears ease with time, but sometime your child will need to take steps to work through them.