What to Include in a Hiking First Aid Kit

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The city of Toronto loves to hike, but that doesn’t mean that you should go up that long mountain trail unprepared. Having an appropriate first aid kit with you can end up saving your life, or at least, it can end up treating the injuries that you acquire along the way before proper medical attention can be brought to you. With the right first aid kid, you can end up soothing any bumps and bruises that you end up with during your hiking adventures.

Proper Bandages

There are a number of common injuries that can happen along hiking trails, and often times, you’ll find that scrapes and twisted ankles are among the most common. While a bleeding wound might not seem like a huge deal, you do want to make sure to protect it properly from the environment around you. Bandaging it properly can end up saving you the risk of infection later on.

If you end up spraining your ankle, a support brace or support bandages can end up being a lifesaver. You’ll be able to hobble your way back to civilization if nothing else, and this can end up preventing further injury if you bandage is properly.

Treatment for Poisonous Plants

Rubbing up against poison ivy or poison oak can be a real bummer, and you’ll be surprised at how fast it can end up striking. While this isn’t exactly a life-threatening injury, it can really make your hiking adventures into something unpleasant, and if you end up having an allergic reaction, that can turn your day into a huge problem.

Bring along the appropriate treatment cream for these kinds of plants to ease your discomfort. If you’re doing that,then you’ll be able to keep your attention on the actual hiking instead, and that will keep you safer in the long run