How to Keep Your Kids from Being a Distraction during Drives

Distraction, Drives

Whether making a simple visit to the store or visiting one of he many family friend places in Ottawa, every parents knows that kids can often times be a distraction in the car. Kids are often chatty during car rides, siblings often fight and bicker and sometimes kids just get plain restless during a long drive. When this happens, there are a few simple tips that parents can follow in order to keep their kids a little more quiet in the backseat so that they can focus more on the road.

Invest in a Portable DVD Player

These days, portable DVD players aren’t that expensive and a nice one can be bought at a decent price. Having a DVD player available is a good way to keep kids quiet and entertained during a car ride. They are free to watch their favorite movies and TV shows and parents don’t even have to hear it if they provide headphones to the kids.

Given Them an Old Smart Phone to Play Games on

While most parents simply hand over their phone for a child to play with when they are getting restless, this can often times be a bad choice. Younger kids can accidentally click on something that they aren’t supposed to or change up settings on a phone that the parents might not notice right away.

Leave the Kids at Home If Possible

If kids are too loud or fight too much, sometimes the best option is to simply leave them at home with family or friends if that is an option. Having loud distractions in a car can sometimes make it hard for a parent to focus on their driving and could potentially lead to an accident. In over 25% of cases, children are involved in car accidents in Ottawa. Avoid having your kids in the car and risking an accident if at all possible.