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What Can You Get Compensated for After a Dog Attack?

If a dog has bitten or attacked you, one of the first things you should do after treating your injuries is call a personal injury lawyer barrie has numerous firms especially for animal attacks, and some like ours that handle all kinds of personal injury cases. Sometimes people who suffer from dog attacks don’t realize the real cost of attacks and are willing to settle for far less money than they deserve. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of dog attacks.

Dog Bites Can Cost More than Just the Medical Bills

Not all dog bites are over with after a quick trip to the hospital for stitches. The major bites and attacks can result in broken bones and severed tendons, surgery expenses, physical therapy, and lost time at work. To get fair compensation, you’ll have to pay to hire an injury lawyer barrie offers firms like ours that allow you to wait to pay legal fees until after we win your case, but that’s still a chunk of money you deserve to have covered for you.

Keep Your Receipts

Any personal injury law firm, barrie or otherwise, will strongly advise you document everything you can. Keep all of the receipts and bills related to your injury, just in case. Travel expenses, legal fees, medical costs, therapy costs, and a record of the days you may have missed at work. Getting attacked by a dog can result in serious damage and lasting injuries if you hurt your back or joints while trying to fend them off. It’s worth it to go through the trouble of keeping receipts in order to prove how much compensation you need down the road. Be sure to document all you can to give the court the best idea of how much your injury has truly cost you.

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Ways to Avoid Having an Aggressive Pet

In the city of Burlington, having an aggressive pet is going to make you into the kind of neighbour that you would never want to have. That’s why it’s extremely important to understand how to keep your pet from being aggressive, and to be a responsible pet owner that isn’t suffering from the possible liability of your animal attacking someone.

Socialize From Day One

If you buy a puppy, make sure to socialize that puppy from the second that you get them. There are many dog parks in Burlington, so take the time to bring your animal–fully vaccinated, of course–to one of these parks. You can also consider puppy day care and other options to make sure that your animal has a lot of different exposure to the outside world, and more people in general.

Always Give it Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a pig or a horse, you need to make sure that your animal is exercised. An animal without exercise is a bored, frustrated animal, and that means that the animal will end up being that much more likely to attack. If you don’t take the time to walk your dog or just leave it in the house all of the time, this can end up making your dog far more likely to attack others.

Don’t Chain It Up

Leaving your dog out on a chain is asking for issues. This makes the dog more likely to guard its territory, and to lunge and bark. This can make the animal far more used to being aggressive than it really is, and this can end up adding to a number of aggression issues in the future. This also encourages outsiders to pick at your dog and tease it, which is only going to end up adding to more issues in the future.

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How To Handle Child Victims in Animal Attack Cases

When animals attack, kids make for unfortunately easy targets. Some don’t have the size, speed, or aggression to get away. Because of this, many parents have had to make some tough decisions. What’s the best way to handle a child victim, in court or out? If your child is the victim of an animal attack, there are some important aspects you should consider.

Their Recovery Comes First

Above all, their recovery is most important. They’re stressed out both physically and mentally, so make sure you’re there for them. Sometimes, pursuing in court is a necessity. For example, if insurance doesn’t pay for their care like agreed, or if animal owners continue risky behavior. Make sure your kid knows what’s going on and gets the treatment they need ASAP.

Talk to Them About The Animal

An animal attack can be particularly stressful to a softhearted child. After all, they don’t always come from vicious, untamed beasts. Some come from animals they know personally or see as possible pets. They might worry that someone will kill the animal as punishment. As the case begins, talk to your child about how they feel. It’s not up to them to decide what happens to the animal. That’s what the court system is for. Still, listening to them and representing what they want can help put their mind at ease. This will, in turn, make their recovery easier.

Watch For Lingering Fears

Of course, most children aren’t worried for the other party. It is common for victims of animal attacks to develop fears surrounding the animal. It might surround the species, size, or aggression surrounding the attack. If the animal is one that you encounter often, keep an eye on your child’s responses. If they’re now afraid, take steps to make sure they have a safe space away from it. Sometimes these fears ease with time, but sometime your child will need to take steps to work through them.

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What to Do With Your Dog When Children Are Visiting Your House

If you have a dog, that shouldn’t stop you from inviting guests over for cook-outs, parties, and small get-togethers. What do you do with a rambunctious pup when your guests have kids, though? Is it safe to let a dog that isn’t normally around children loose when your friends bring their little ones over? Unfortunately for dog owners, the answer is no. If your dog isn’t used to being around children and you leave them unattended with a kid, their parents could be getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer. Ajax may have a pit bull ban, but they aren’t the only dogs you need to keep an eye on around kids.

Keep Dogs Outside or in a Different Room

Even a small bite can lead upset parents to contact an injury lawyer. Barrie has plenty of lawyers who can expertly make you and your dog look like the villains in a courtroom, so it’s in your best interest to be as safe as possible when it comes to having kids around your dog. When your guests bring children over, keep your dog in a separate room where they can’t bite anyone, or (if the weather permits) lock them outside in the backyard and keep guests indoors.

Watch Small Dogs Closely

Even when a child is the one who aggressively approaches your dog, you are liable if the dog gets scared and bites them. If you want to avoid having any angry parents calling up an Ajax injury lawyer, keep a close eye on even small dogs and be ready to swoop in and remove them from stressful situations. Small kids can play rough with animals, and frightened or threatened dogs WILL bite even if they’re usually good-natured. Prepare a bedroom or bathroom for your dog before guests arrive in case you need to put them up later on.

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Steps to Take Immediately after Your Bicycle Accident

Cycling is one of the most common forms of transportation in Toronto, with plenty of local programs to support cyclists. However, it is also a dangerous mode of transportation as you have little to no protection if you are involved in an accident. A cyclist was killed after a collision with a transport truck near Dixie Road and Derry Road, and that’s just one of the many fatalities that take place – not to mention the many serious injuries from accidents. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you need to know what to do immediately afterwards. This way, you have the best chance of getting in touch with the best barrie personal injury lawyers out there and getting a good settlement.

Take Pictures of the Damage

This may not be possible if you suffered severe injuries. If you are relatively unhurt, it’s best to try and have photographic evidence of the accident you suffered. Pictures of the damage will help you get a much better settlement in the end.

Seek Medical Attention

If you were hurt in your accident, it’s important that you seek medical help right away. You need to have proof of your injuries, and going to the hospital is the best way to get that. Any personal injury lawyer barrie has to offer is going to urge that you do this right away, so don’t wait.

Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re looking for local personal injury lawyers, barrie has plenty to offer. It’s best that you look for a good personal injury lawyer right away so that you don’t want any valuable time going forward with your claim. It is not something you are going to want to sit on for very long because you need to make sure you have the best chances possible of winning your case.

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What to Include in a Hiking First Aid Kit

The city of Toronto loves to hike, but that doesn’t mean that you should go up that long mountain trail unprepared. Having an appropriate first aid kit with you can end up saving your life, or at least, it can end up treating the injuries that you acquire along the way before proper medical attention can be brought to you. With the right first aid kid, you can end up soothing any bumps and bruises that you end up with during your hiking adventures.

Proper Bandages

There are a number of common injuries that can happen along hiking trails, and often times, you’ll find that scrapes and twisted ankles are among the most common. While a bleeding wound might not seem like a huge deal, you do want to make sure to protect it properly from the environment around you. Bandaging it properly can end up saving you the risk of infection later on.

If you end up spraining your ankle, a support brace or support bandages can end up being a lifesaver. You’ll be able to hobble your way back to civilization if nothing else, and this can end up preventing further injury if you bandage is properly.

Treatment for Poisonous Plants

Rubbing up against poison ivy or poison oak can be a real bummer, and you’ll be surprised at how fast it can end up striking. While this isn’t exactly a life-threatening injury, it can really make your hiking adventures into something unpleasant, and if you end up having an allergic reaction, that can turn your day into a huge problem.

Bring along the appropriate treatment cream for these kinds of plants to ease your discomfort. If you’re doing that,then you’ll be able to keep your attention on the actual hiking instead, and that will keep you safer in the long run

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What to Expect if a Loved One Is the Victim of a Wrongful Death

Thousands of wrongful death cases are brought to Orillia law firms each and every year. It’s a tragic event for any family, and it never comes easy. When an unexpected and wrongful death occurs, life can suddenly feel as though everything has been turned upside down. If a loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, then here are a few things that you’ll need to prepare for in order to make this difficult time just a little easier.

Expect Sudden Expenses to Pop up Everywhere

A wrongful death can be one of the most expensive tragic events that a person will have to face. One of the countless downfalls of a situation like this is the many expenses that suddenly start to pop up. When a loved one dies and no one was prepared, funeral costs alone can set a family way back. When this happens, it’s important to have a good lawyer that can help in a time of need. Not only will they be able to make sure that you don’t pay out of pocket for a wrongful death, but a good lawyer will make sure that you aren’t stuck paying any other fees that happen to be thrown onto the client such as medical expenses or loss of wages. Picking the most trusted lawyer in Orillia can feel like an impossible task during such a rough period, but having the right lawyer can make all the difference.

Prepare Yourself for the Mental Distress

Mental distress is a very big part of dealing with a wrongful death. Whether the victim was a spouse, parent or child, it’s never easy to deal with. Anyone knows that a wrongful death can set a person back in a ton of ways. It can bring on depression and anxiety, which can lead to expensive medications or even a loss of wages due to missed work.

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Steps to Take When You Slip and Fall In the Winter

Even if you’ve lived in Canada your whole life, some of the harsher winters can still catch you off guard. Even walking from place to place can become dangerous. Icy and snowy walks are not uncommon. In spite of the laws in place to compel property owners to keep their walks clear, that doesn’t always happen. Even the most surefooted pedestrians might take an icy tumble they weren’t expecting. What should you do if you fall in the winter like this?

Document Your Injury in Detail Right Away

Fall injuries, especially on ice, can be very severe. As soon as you are able, make sure you document your injury. Note where the injury occurred and what the conditions were like at the time. Take photographs of bruises or lacerations if they occurred. This will provide you with a firm base of evidence in the event of a later personal injury court case.

Seek a Qualified Medical Opinion On Your Injury

Of course, you should also see a doctor right away. Don’t just let your injury heal up on its own. It may not be able to! Get a doctor’s opinion and get treatment started quickly. Keep all copies of your medical bills close at hand. You may even want a written opinion from your doctor on what caused your injury.

Determine Whether Anyone Was Negligent or At Fault

Finally, you’ll need to figure out if someone else caused your fall. Did someone fail to clear ice off of their sidewalk? Did a business create a slippery situation that bowled you over? A lawyer can help you evaluate the facts and evidence in your case. From there, you can make a determination together about whether another party should be held liable for your injury. You may be able to get your bills paid depending on your situation!

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Staying Safe While Shopping During Holiday Rushes

Shopping during the holiday rush that can happen in Kingston is fast-paced and exciting, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be dangerous, too. Accidents can happen at any time, and if you’re on a shopping trip that’s extremely busy, there’s always going to be an opportunity for something to go wrong. This is why it’s incredibly important to know how to keep yourself safe, and therefore, avoid a personal injury.

Don’t Rush

Rushing is only going to end up causing injury. If you try to run through the doors at a store when it first opens, not only are you potentially injuring yourself if you run into something, but you are also leaving open a great deal of risk for other shoppers and employees that might be in your way. Take your time; you’ll get the deal.

Watch Your Step

Too many times, shoppers have been injured during the busy holiday season courtesy of just not looking where they are walking. If you end up tripping over a display because you weren’t paying attention, that can end up giving you a serious injury, and you can be out of the rest of the shopping day–or even month.

Make sure to always watch where you’re walking, and pay attention to posted signs. If they’ve just recently cleaned, don’t walk down a slick aisle way unless you absolutely need to.

Wear Good Shoes

Shopping and looking good might be a common stereotype, but that doesn’t mean that you need to break out your high-heeled boots for this particular occasion. Stick to solid sneakers and you’ll be in much better shape. Not only will you be more comfortable and far less likely to fall, you’ll also be able to move with much more ease. This means you’ll be faster, and you’ll get to those holiday deals quicker.

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How to Navigate Mountain Roads Safely

Driving through the mountains requires a different set of rules than a normal flat road does. Niagara Falls natives may not be familiar with how difficult it can be to drive through steep, winding roads under even the best of conditions. Pay attention to these simple tips to make your trip just a little bit safer.

Travel During the Day

If at all possible avoid driving through mountain roads at night, especially if you’re new to the terrain. In addition to the fact that it’s more difficult to spot the turns and hazards on the road, you have additional obstacles like wild life darting across the road while you drive. You also tend to get sleepier when driving at night, both because of the time of day and the absence of light requiring that you squint a little harder as you drive.

Carry Maps and a Radio

There are several portions of mountain terrain that don’t have cell phone signal, making it difficult to rely on your phone’s GPS or signal strength if you should happen to need roadside assistance of some sort. Keeping old fashioned maps tucked into the side of your car just in case is always a good plan, along with a battery operated hand radio so you can call in for help if you’re in a bad spot.

Keep an Eye On Your Odometer

It’s easy to pick up speed when you’re driving through the mountains without realizing it. Signs posted on the roads will indicate when you’re about to go on a decline, and it’s during these times especially that you should keep an eye on your odometer. Slow down as much as possible so you can safely take the twists and turns of the mountain roads without picking up too much speed.