Animal Attack

Animal Attacks

Even the most docile looking animal can be ferocious, and there’s really no way to tell if a dog (or other animal) is likely to attack or not. In most situations where animals have attacked humans in Barrie, it usually involves a dog. Usually, pet owners with dangerous animals are required by law to keep their dogs muzzled and leashed when out in public, but not all of them adhere to these rules. And in some cases, animal attacks occur because the enclosure the animal was in was insufficient or faulty. If you’ve been the victim of an animal attack and you weren’t provoking the animal deliberately, you should contact one of Barrie’s personal injury lawyers. After a consultation, a lawyer will be able to tell you whether you can go forward with a personal injury claim.

Animal attacks are traumatic in numerous ways. After an attack a victim will be terrorized and may have difficulty trusting any kind of animal again. Based on the size and breed of animal, an attack can be quite severe. People have died from dog attacks, been permanently maimed, and even have arteries torn and bones broken. Additionally, animal bites are at risk for both infection and rabies, which means victims need to get their relevant shots for prevention. The aftermath of an animal attack can lead to a lot of suffering, including intense physical therapy if muscles, ligaments, or tendons were torn. Plastic surgery is also something that the victim may need if the scarring was especially bad. Add to that the emotional trauma of being mauled by an animal and the outcome is especially grim.

There’s no reason anyone who’s been attacked by an animal due to someone else’s negligence has to suffer perpetually. By contacting one of Barrie’s personal injury law firms, you’re taking the first step in the right direction. Your lawyer will review your case and then decide on how to move forward. Your medical and therapy bills will be thoroughly reviewed and any time you’ve lost in regards to your job and the work you do around home will be measured. If a pet owner was at fault because their animal wasn’t housed in a proper containment area or because their dangerous animal was off the leash and not muzzled, it means that your lawyer will be able to expediently handle your case so that you’re rewarded the compensation you deserve.