Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is a popular hobby, but unfortunately for cyclists it can also be a dangerous one. While Barrie isn’t necessarily a hazardous zone for cyclists, accidents still can and do happen on its streets. Motorist negligence can lead to debilitating and even lethal accidents with cyclists, but there are other hazards out there that some cyclists may not even consider. If you’ve been involved in an accident with your bike where you were the victim of someone else’s negligence and sustained life-altering injuries, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer from one of Barrie’s law firms.

Even if your accident doesn’t seem like a big deal, the way it’s affected your life could mean that you qualify for a personal injury claim. Maybe you were biking down one of your favorite bike trails but hit a rough patch where there was recent repair work done. If you fell from your bike because of it and received serious injury, there’s a chance that you may be able to qualify for a personal injury claim. There’s a reason that municipalities strive to upkeep maintenance on areas like bike paths, and if they fail in that maintenance or make other mistakes during upkeep that put cyclists at risk, it becomes a case of negligence. Contacting one of Barrie’s personal injury lawyers as soon as possible means that they can get started on moving forward with your claim.

Injuries sustained from cycling can be just as debilitating as those you receive from a car accident. Not only do you have to contend with pain, you’re also going to have to deal with things like medical bills, time off work, and decreased earnings. Additionally, you need to consider things like home and yard maintenance and if you have children, issues that may arise caring for them if you’re currently suffering from injuries that restrict your mobility. If all of this happened because of someone else’s fault, it means you’re entitled to compensation for the accident. All of the costs and time you’ve lost due to your injury will factor into the amount you’ll be rewarded as compensation should your personal injury claim be successful. Our injury lawyers in Barrie will aggressively focus on getting you the compensation you deserve for the suffering you’ve endured. And if we’re unable to get the desired outcome, you don’t need to worry—because we work on a contingency basis, if you don’t get your claim settled, you don’t need to pay us a fee.