Slip & Fall

There can be some confusion regarding slip and fall accidents in regards to what actually constitutes a slip and fall injury. The truth is, any kind of incident where you fall and sustain an injury can qualify. It doesn’t matter if you slipped on a patch of ice on the sidewalk outside a store or if you fell in a stairwell because there was no railing supplied—if you received injury from falling due to someone else’s negligence, you can put forward a personal injury claim. These kinds of injuries can happen anywhere in Barrie, and if it happens to you, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can.

Slip and fall injuries account for a large percentage of personal injury claims. This is because they can happen anywhere and aren’t circumstantial in regards to weather or location. They can also happen due to factors that you may not consider. There have been successful slip and fall claims stemming from injuries caused by things like store owners using kitty litter for traction instead of proper de-icing salt on their sidewalks in the winter or from people falling when running from dangerous animals that weren’t enclosed or leashed.

Falling may seem like an accident that’s minor, but the truth is that injuries sustained from tripping or slipping can be quite severe. Depending on how you land or what you land on, you may fracture bones, tear muscles, tendons, or ligaments, or even fracture your skull. People also frequently sustain vertebrae injuries when falling. Any of these injuries can be debilitating and can lead to lengthy recovery periods. If you’re going to be out of commission for months due to an injury you sustained somewhere in Barrie, it’s in your best interest to contact a lawyer that specializes in that area. After a consultation, the lawyer can determine whether or not you have the grounds to make a personal injury case.

If you do, the objective of your lawyer will be to ensure that you’re fully compensated for not only the loss in wages or work that you’ve experienced, but also for any medical bills. Additionally, if you’ve fallen behind in maintaining your yard and home or need assistance caring for your family, those will factor into the compensation amount. If it’s required, your lawyer will consult experts in order to determine the negligent party and the nature of their negligence. Once that’s done, your case can then move forward.