Steps to Take When You Slip and Fall In the Winter

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Even if you’ve lived in Canada your whole life, some of the harsher winters can still catch you off guard. Even walking from place to place can become dangerous. Icy and snowy walks are not uncommon. In spite of the laws in place to compel property owners to keep their walks clear, that doesn’t always happen. Even the most surefooted pedestrians might take an icy tumble they weren’t expecting. What should you do if you fall in the winter like this?

Document Your Injury in Detail Right Away

Fall injuries, especially on ice, can be very severe. As soon as you are able, make sure you document your injury. Note where the injury occurred and what the conditions were like at the time. Take photographs of bruises or lacerations if they occurred. This will provide you with a firm base of evidence in the event of a later personal injury court case.

Seek a Qualified Medical Opinion On Your Injury

Of course, you should also see a doctor right away. Don’t just let your injury heal up on its own. It may not be able to! Get a doctor’s opinion and get treatment started quickly. Keep all copies of your medical bills close at hand. You may even want a written opinion from your doctor on what caused your injury.

Determine Whether Anyone Was Negligent or At Fault

Finally, you’ll need to figure out if someone else caused your fall. Did someone fail to clear ice off of their sidewalk? Did a business create a slippery situation that bowled you over? A lawyer can help you evaluate the facts and evidence in your case. From there, you can make a determination together about whether another party should be held liable for your injury. You may be able to get your bills paid depending on your situation!