Ways to Avoid Having an Aggressive Pet

Aggressive, Pet

In the city of Burlington, having an aggressive pet is going to make you into the kind of neighbour that you would never want to have. That’s why it’s extremely important to understand how to keep your pet from being aggressive, and to be a responsible pet owner that isn’t suffering from the possible liability of your animal attacking someone.

Socialize From Day One

If you buy a puppy, make sure to socialize that puppy from the second that you get them. There are many dog parks in Burlington, so take the time to bring your animal–fully vaccinated, of course–to one of these parks. You can also consider puppy day care and other options to make sure that your animal has a lot of different exposure to the outside world, and more people in general.

Always Give it Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a pig or a horse, you need to make sure that your animal is exercised. An animal without exercise is a bored, frustrated animal, and that means that the animal will end up being that much more likely to attack. If you don’t take the time to walk your dog or just leave it in the house all of the time, this can end up making your dog far more likely to attack others.

Don’t Chain It Up

Leaving your dog out on a chain is asking for issues. This makes the dog more likely to guard its territory, and to lunge and bark. This can make the animal far more used to being aggressive than it really is, and this can end up adding to a number of aggression issues in the future. This also encourages outsiders to pick at your dog and tease it, which is only going to end up adding to more issues in the future.